About Wy'east MOUNTAIN academy

Wy'East Mountain Academy (formerly Windells Academy) is a world-class action sports academy designed to develop driven and talented student athletes from grades 7-12 in skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. We enable students to train in their respective sport year-round while attaining high school credits that are transferable in or out of any school, national or international. 

Wy’East Meaning.

“Wy’East” is the original name for Mt. Hood, given by the Multnomah people who first inhabited its nearby lands. This mountain drawing us together is central to our spirit of adventure and achievement.  It is this special place we call home and to which we pay homage.

What We Believe.

Our mission is life improvement through people, place, and passion.  We believe that if you put the right people, in the right place, with shared passions and college preparatory academics, you’ll not just improve the life of young person, but change the world by helping to create driven and compassionate citizens.

Our vision is to be a top-ten globally rated outdoor academy with alumni who are helping to improve the world.

Our core values are difficult to capture through written word, as such we’ve compiled a brief collection of words we feel best embody our core values;

* Relationship Based * Refreshing * Influential * Authentic * Welcoming *Uninhibited *Genuine *Credible *

* Progressive * Caring * Socially Responsible and Community Minded * Passionate * Purpose Driven * Humorous *

* Imaginative * Diverse Perspectives *


Dear Families,

Wy'East Mountain Academy is pleased to serve students who choose passion and education to create an extraordinary life both now and in their future. We are dedicated to maintaining a program that allows for personal growth in their dedicated sport while providing a rigorous educational experience personalized for everyone. The Academy strives to not only prepare your student to be the strongest athlete they can be, but to also prepare your student-athlete with an academic experience that sets them up for a positive future in the world—work, college, and beyond.

Through their hard work and dedication to their studies, sports, and personal relationships formed with their coaches, peers, and teachers, our graduates leave our campus as better human beings than when they arrived. Integrity, personal responsibility, and ethics are core values we live by.

Thank you for your support as your son or daughter grows and develops over the course of their stay at Wy'East Mountain Academy. Being away from home for long periods of time is never easy. We welcome your support, communication, and participation over the coming years.


Ann Scott, Headmaster

Headmaster Ann Scott hugs Alumna Olivia Gill as she is awarded her diploma.

Headmaster Ann Scott hugs Alumna Olivia Gill as she is awarded her diploma.


Nowhere other than Wy’East Mountain Academy can you ski, snowboard, and skateboard 12-months a year.

Our campus, located at the base of Mt. Hood, in Oregon, is truly one of a kind. 

Home to world-renown action sports camps Windells and High Cascade in the summer months, our 28-acre year-round campus is a world-class space that provides endless entertainment and training opportunities for those we are introducing to their sport or for Olympic national teams from around the globe.

With lift serviced snow at Timberline Ski Area just 30 minutes from campus, our students can have more days on snow than any single spot in the world. Skateboarder? We’ve got you covered (literally) with over 12,000 sf of soon-to-be completed indoor skate park renovations complimented by new trampolines and airbags . . . plus another 50,000 sf of outdoor skate. Rain, shine, or snow, our students do what they love on our campus any day and in any weather.

Parents may rest easy knowing that our students are supervised in a tobacco and alcohol-free environment around the clock by friendly, helpful, and trained staff members. Our campus is private and students are not permitted to leave campus boundaries unless under SuperVision™.

We hold all who step foot on our campus accountable to the Big Six™— No theft or vandalism, no tobacco use, no weapons, violence, or abusive language,  campus curfew is strictly enforced, no leaving campus boundaries without permission and SuperVision™, and no drugs or alcohol.  


bob 1.jpg


We are excited to announce that our indoor skatepark has been completely re vamped! The old wooden ramps have been replaced with concrete, there are Two Olympic size flybed trampolines, a super tramp, and an airbag, which are perfect for dialing in aerial maneuvers off snow. You won’t want to miss out on what the new building has to offer!


The SuperTramp™

The SuperTramp™ is Windells' outdoor progression station, featuring a MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampoline. The MaxAir Super Quad features a smooth, powerful bounce with plenty of room to focus on mechanics and development of new tricks, from basic rotations, all the way to the most advanced. Campers, guest athletes, and Takeover Pros™ will have endless options to progress, practice, and play with this cutting-edge set up. Positioned strategically next to Windells’ private 60’x 60’ BagJump™ with walls varying in height from four to eight feet, the MaxAir Super Quad will help grow air awareness for campers looking to develop larger and off-axis rotations.


The Concrete Jungle™

Windells’ Concrete Jungle™ is 50,500 square feet of skate-friendly terrain. This outdoor skate park features a mini ramp section, a concrete bowl, quarter pipes, spines, banks, hips, a vert wall complete with pool coping, rollers, ledges, rails, steps, manual pads, and so much more for you to navigate the endless line. The Concrete Jungle™ has often been referred to as, “the most unique skate park in the Northwest,” and can be seen featured in major skate publications and media outlets since its creation.

Parent Guide

Spending Money

Based on past history, an amount of approximately $20-$50 per week is adequate for personal spending. It is required that all students bring with them a Debit Card linked to an active bank account and a wallet. There are a number of local banks where a bank account may be set up for your student (i.e. Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America).  Please recommend that your student take full advantage of the meals and snacks available on campus (there is no need to purchase food unless the student so desires— we will always provide free food options on campus).

Lodging and Facilities

Our Newly Renovated Cabins Are Our Students' Homes While At The Academy, And We Want Them To Be A Restful, Comfortable Space. Cabins Are Separated By Gender, And Are Fully Furnished With Twin Bunks, A Kitchenette, A Storage Room, Closets, A Full Bathroom, And A Living Area With Couches To Relax On. Students Will Share A Room With No More Than One Other Student, In Either A Two Or Three Bedroom Unit. Students can request a private room within a shared cabin for an additional cost of $2000 per semester.

Students have full access to campus facilities including the Concrete Jungle, B.O.B., featuring indoor skating, trampolines, and a foam pit, our Bag Jump Air bag, workout facilities, Rec Room, music and art room, student lounge and dining area.

Laundry and Linens 

Self-service laundry facilities are available on campus at no additional cost (not coin-operated). 

Additional Activities

All additional activities are supervised and may include trips to Portland, the movie theater, a local sporting event, a hike, etc. Some of these costs are included in student tuition, but students will be responsible for paying for optional meals, groceries, etc. If an extra fee is associated with an activity (ex: students going to a parent-approved concert), students will be notified of the extra cost associated beforehand. 

Travel Expenses

We strive to stay under our required travel account deposit. You will be notified should your child’s travel exceed that amount. In years that we travel abroad costs will likely exceed the base amount.


Tuition fees do not include any provisions for personal, medical or property insurance. It is mandatory that each student provides proof of health insurance. The Student Health Form, Consent for Treatment and Insurance Information forms are mandatory and must be received by Wy’East Academy prior to participation in any of our programs.

Wiring Instructions

When sending payments by wire, please specify the breakdown between tuition payments and personal spending account funds. Processing fees incurred during the transfer of monies as they clear through all banking channels are paid by the sender. The amount of the credit to your account by the Academy is the dollar amount received by the bank. Please contact us directly for the Wire Routing number and account number.

With more questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@wyeastacademy.com or call (503)622-8931.


The Wy'East Mountain Academy Staff Of Administrators, Educators, Coaches, And Caregivers Are Dedicated To Nurturing Our Students In A Healthy, Inspiring, And Supportive Environment.
Get To Know Our All-Star Team, here

Some of our Academy staff posing during USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Some of our Academy staff posing during USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, Colorado.


It was a real pleasure for us to assist at the beginning of school year. We’ve been very reassured by meeting all the staff, and very confident in Windells ability to make kids (specially ours) grow up, become smarter and obtain good results at school. Last year, as you can read further, we are very proud that Boris progressed much more than we could imagine. Boris had a rough start to the year primarily because of the language barriers that he experienced; however, his English has significantly improved over the course of the year and so has his effort in school. His grades increased as the year progressed and with your help we anticipate Boris will continue in a positive direction next year.
— Jean-Philippe Benezch

I left my son at Windells Academy last week for his first year at Windells, transferring in as a High School sophomore. I flew home completely inspired and in awe by the quality of the coaching, the academic standards and the overall intelligence and passion of everyone on the staff and alumni that I met. Our family is so excited by the possibilities that an education at Windells Academy will offer our son. I honestly left feeling energized myself from the stimulating conversations. It is the most unique place.
— Dorothy Urlich