Application Information

We offer an open enrollment program and are able to accept students throughout the academic year.  If you are looking for a program with alternative dates, please contact our office directly for more information on a customized program for your student.  

Wy’East Mountain Academy uniquely offers three full semesters:

Fall: September - December
Winter: January - April
Summer: May - August

* See School Calendar for exact dates.

Application Procedures

1. Click on the “Enroll Now” button and complete all required enrollment forms and supplemental documents

Including the Enrollment Deposit Form with deposit

*These documents can also be obtained by emailing us at

Admissions at Wy’East Mountain Academy Inc.
P.O. Box 2079 Sandy, Oregon 97055
Phone: (503)-622-8931 Email:

Documents to be submitted include:

Letters of Recommendation (2) Please include ONE letter of recommendation from an academic teacher, principal, or advisor and ONE letter of recommendation from a coach or from an adult (other than a family member) who has been a positive influence and submit with the application.

Essay Question and Writing Sample To assist the Admissions Committee in becoming better acquainted with you, your thoughts, ideas, and goals, please submit the following: 

Writing Sample:

  • Please submit a recent writing sample—an essay or assignment (500 words or fewer).

Short Answers:

  • Students at Wy’East Mountain Academy live in cabins of four to six people. What do you hope to add to your cabin mates’ experience? What do you hope they will add to yours? (35 words or fewer)

  • How has your sport (skiing, snowboarding, skiing) shaped your life thus far, and where do you hope it will lead you? (50 words or fewer)

Official Transcripts from Previous Academic Institution
In order to enroll your student into our academic program, you are required to provide a copy of their official transcript from the previous academic institution. All documents must be translated into English prior to submission.

Health and Medical Records/Forms

Please Note:  Prospective students are strongly urged to partake in a campus tour/visit. If unable to attend in person, a phone interview will be required prior to acceptance.

Scholarship Information - Available only for students enrolling for the Full Academic Year. (Deadline May 1st) All of our scholarships are done in-house, with limited availability.

Scholarships are based on: Academics (grades), Athletics (Skill and industry knowledge), Attitude (heart), and Individual Financial Need. In order to ensure the student meets our scholarship requirements they must submit the following:

Essay (1,000 words or less):

  • Why are you the best candidate for an academic or athletic scholarship?

Video (2 minutes or less):

  • Show what distinguishes you and your talent. What do you bring to the Academy as a student athlete?

Two Letters of Recommendation:

  • Specific to your scholarship need. Why do you deserve a scholarship?

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us directly at or (503)622-8931