Why attend Wy'East Mountain Academy

Wy'East Mountain Academy is the premier training and educational program for athletes looking to train in skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding year-round while earning a high school diploma.

Our students are offered the unique opportunity to train on-snow throughout the summer (if they are skiers and snowboarders), as well as given access to our exclusive, one-of-a-kind skate facilities built throughout our campus in Welches, Oregon. 

Our program allows students to travel for competitions while staying up to date on their studies, thanks to our seamless integration of online schooling, training, and extra Curricular activities. 

If you are looking to give your child the best athletic training available, complimented by an educational program tailored to meet their specific educational needs, look no further than Wy'East Mountain Academy.  

Who Comes to Wy'East Mountain Academy

Your student will find a perfect match in Wy'East Mountain Academy if they are passionate about their sport, driven to succeed, and willing to put in hard work. 

With the Rigorous travel and training schedule that our students follow, it is important that they are truly passionate about what they do. We take time to create both long and short term goals with our students—in their sport, academics, and in life—and work with them to accomplish those goals. 

While we strive to help train our athletes to be the best, it is more important to us that they possess a positive attitude and strong internal drive. Don't be afraid to come to The Academy with something to learn. Give us something to work with, and we will help you succeed. 

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly at (503) 622-8931 or office@wyeastacademy.com