When it comes to academics, we strive to create a culture and environment that encourages our students to succeed, whether in our classroom or on the road with their team and coaches. Individual GPA goals are set with each student, and they are held accountable to their academic goals. Students at Wy'East Mountain Academy are guided to become strong independent learners that are prepared for post-high school education and beyond.

Most students attending Wy'East Mountain Academy are enrolled in Edgenuity, an accredited online K-12 school. The school’s web-based curriculum meets Oregon state standards while licensed teachers provide the instruction online. On top of that, Wy'East Mountain Academy provides our own in-class teaching staff offering further guidance and support to keep students on track throughout the school year and provide greater depth of understanding. This combination of in-person and online schooling allows our students to succeed whether they're on another continent or on campus.

Our Academy staff are dedicated to your student's success and we believe that their education plays a vital role in our students' future whether they achieve Olympic gold or earn collegiate regalia. Please contact us to discuss a personalized program for your child. 

While most of our students attend the entire academic school year, and use our online curriculum platform, some elect to do a single semester and some students choose to use their own curriculum platform while they are here. We have the ability to develop a program that works for you and your child.



E-Learning with Edgenuity

Our Academy is currently partnered with Edgenuity. Edgenuity is a US based, accredited, online high school. Delivering an individualized and comprehensive education, Edgenuity is able to tailor schedules for all of our students’ graduation requirement needs.  


  • Challenging courses, matched to students' interests and abilities.

  • Opportunities to repeat and review difficult lessons at any time.

  • Edgenuity allows Wy'East Mountain Academy athletes who are in their junior or senior year an opportunity to enroll in dual credit (high school and college credit) coursework.

  • Connecting with local community colleges, students can work toward obtaining both high school and college credit while taking core classes at no additional cost.

Academy teachers collaborate with Edgenuity to ensure that students comprehend all course material. Wy'East Academy allows for an individualized academic model for each student. Parents can access and follow their students progress in real-time and our Headmaster is available to communicate with parents regularly to discuss performance and their academic goals. Our immersive action sports education program allows students to develop independence, collaborate with their peers on projects, and find support from our teachers and Edgenuity's academic staff. 



Each year we arrange for our students to tour prospective colleges and universities. In the past these have included University of Washington, University of Southern California, University of Oregon, University of Utah, Westminster College, Portland State University, University of California Santa Cruz, University of California Los Angeles, University of British Columbia and many others. We assist with preparation for ACT and SAT, and provide transport for students to their exams.

Our Headmaster provides personalized one-on-one college counseling sessions to research institutions and support preparation of application (including review of application essays).  We ensure that our students are developing an academic identity that is appealing to college admissions departments. Students attending Wy’East are encouraged to pursue dual credit courses through Edgenuity. Those students who are motivated to accelerate their undergraduate education are identified during their personalized academic goal setting session with our Academic Director. See the Wy'East Mountain Academy College Advising page for more information.



Our international program offers programming for kids from countries outside the US and for US citizens that are living abroad. Our program has included students from and living in Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Japan, Chile and Saudi Arabia. We are excited to work with our international families to ensure programming that fits their needs and inspires success.


The Academy has worked with our academic partners at Edgenuity to offer classes uniquely blended in direct instruction and structured course work. Our programming allows students to successfully complete required course work and pursue dual credit for university in some cases.

International Language Tutoring:

For some of our international students, with less developed english skills, additional tutoring may be needed.  We can help find tutors to support your student's needs at an additional cost.

Student Visas:

An I-20 and F-1 Student Visa are required for the Academy's Academic/Action Sports Program. For more information about the U.S. Student Visa program please visit this link:

International students have gone on to attend domestic and international schools such as University of Colorado, University of Washington, Sierra Nevada College, University of British Columbia, University of Lucerne, and Laval Université, just to name a few.



The Academy's Hybrid Model is well-received by major colleges and universities both in the US and abroad. The curriculum provided through our E-Learning platforms in combination with our in-house academic team, ensures that our students get noticed by highly esteemed facilities for higher learning.

Wy'East Mountain Academy (formerly Windells Academy) students have gone on to attend schools such as University of Colorado, University of Vermont, University of Washington, University of Utah, Sierra Nevada College, University of Massachusetts, Montana State University and international schools including University of British Columbia, University of Lucerne, Université de Montréal and Laval Université. We are committed to helping our students select the university or college of that best fits their needs and gain acceptance.