At Wy’East Mountain Academy (formerly Windells Academy), we are committed to helping your student grow and learn not only in the classroom, but also within their sport. Our program has produced countless noteworthy and successful action sports athletes including Olympic, X Games and Dew Tour medalists. Our incredible coaches are dedicated to helping your student become the best they can be. 

Our campus also offers world class training facilities which include a dry slope and two olympic trampolines for added land training. The students’ schedules include trampoline clinics that are led by our coaches twice weekly with access to trampolines daily.

Our athletes benefit not only from our world-class facilities, but also from our location at the base of Mt. Hood, where we can ski and snowboard on real snow, year-round, thanks to the Palmer Snowfield. Our students are encouraged to take advantage of our Academy Ambassador Program during the summer months which allows them to complete summer school credits and train on the Windells and High Cascade Private Parks on Mt. Hood. 

Competition season brings many travel opportunities for students. Depending on their level of ability, coaches compile a competition schedule that meets their goals and matches their skill level.  In the past students have traveled domestically to events such as USASA Nationals, the Revolution Tour, Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Rail Jam, TransWorld Snowboarding's Trans Am, Dew Tour, Grand Prix, and X-games.  Internationally students have traveled to for training in New Zealand and South America, the European X-games, various world cup events throughout the world.



Wy'East Mountain Academy’s snowboard program is led by Head Snowboard Coach, Tommie Bennett. Our program has a balanced approach to having fun while training and competing, and Tommie makes sure that snowboarding improves our students as people, every day. His dedication to our students' well-being, progression, and safety is unsurpassed. Our Balanced Training System incorporates our on-campus facilities with on-snow training here at Mt. Hood and across the country. Through carefully planned opportunities, students develop important life skills that include time management, teamwork, and independence. 



Wy'East Mountain Academy offers the only skateboard program of its kind, in the world. The program is led by Skate Director Jamie Weller, who is regarded as an industry leader with 20 plus years of experience. The connections in the skateboard industry have enhanced student experiences by providing amazing opportunities that would not be possible outside of Wy'East Mountain Academy.

Over the past two year, our skaters visited 85 different skateparks. Ranging from Oregon, California, Arizona, China, and Spain. The Academy is located just outside of Portland, Oregon which is home to over 200 innovative, world-famous skateparks. Wy’East also has one of the largest indoor and outdoor parks in the country built by legend Jamie Weller and friends. Influenced by weather, students can depart campus daily to skate the hundreds of options they have within the region, travel around the world to skate, or simply wake up and skate right out their front door. 



Wy’East’s ski program is lead by Head Ski Coach Brian McCarthy. Under his direction our students’ opportunities are limitless in training, traveling, and competing. Through various opportunities, students develop important life skills that include time management, teamwork, and independence. Wy'East Mountain Academy is the world’s exclusive academy than can offer students on-snow training every month of the year. Having our campus located at the base of Mt. Hood with its year round snow, coupled with our vast experience traveling to the globe, our athletes are always in the right place at the right time.  We provide the ultimate maximization of time and resources.     


Academy Alumni Nick Goepper (left, silver medal) and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (right, bronze) stand on the Olympic podium for Men's Slopestyle Skiing.

Academy Alumni Nick Goepper (left, silver medal) and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (right, bronze) stand on the Olympic podium for Men's Slopestyle Skiing.

While at Wy'East Mountain Academy (Windells Academy during their enrollment) Nick Goepper and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (ABM) were roommates and friends. They are now competing against each other on the world stage; Nick representing the USA and ABM representing Canada. Both competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and most recently took home medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Not long ago they were Wy'East Mountain Academy students skiing and going to class every day. It just goes to show that with a little hard work, dedication and determination, dreams can come true.

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