Daily Schedule

While our students are often on the move, traveling for training and competitions, when they are on campus, they follow a regular schedule. This schedule may change to reflect weather conditions (snow, rain, etc.), but here is an example of a typical day-in-the-life:

7-7:50AM - Wake up, order your made-to-order breakfast and eat with your friends in the cafeteria. 

7:50-8AM - Meet with your coaches and discuss the training plan for the day

8:30AM - Pack your lunch, get dressed in gear you may need, and meet your coaches ready to ski / ride / skate, and leave campus for the day.  

8:30-1PM - Skateboarders will be in the classroom during this time, while skiers and snowboarders will be training on-hill.

2-6PM - Skiers and snowboarders will be in the classroom during this time, while skateboarders will be out skating with their coaches. 

6-7PM - Enjoy a buffet style dinner with your friends

7:30-9:30PM - This time will have a structured study hall for those who may need additional help, are falling behind, or want a quiet space to work. This can also be free time or have organized social activities

8-9PM - Coaches may schedule a couple of evenings of trampoline training to help athletes with their air-awareness. This will be regularly scheduled by the coaches. 


Student living quarters are supervised by live-in Student Life Coaches. Students are under superVision™ of Academy residential, administrative, and coaching staff in the classroom, on the road, and around campus. The goal is to build long term, healthy relationships, fostering productivity and initiative. Students develop a sincere understanding of the world while having fun, learning, and building relationships. We do not allow students to hang out in the cabins of other students unsupervised, and we also require superVision™ by a specifically trained staff member when students are using any of our trampolines on campus. 



Academy students have full access to everything that makes Wy'East Mountain Academy campus world-renowned. Here are some of our exciting facilities:

B.O.B (The Building Out Back)

Wy'East Mountain Academy is home to the biggest indoor skate park in the Northwest, featuring 12,500 ft of creative space for skateboarding in any weather. We are currently renovating this area, swapping out our wooden ramps with new, custom designed and progressive concrete features. As always, the space features Two Olympic style trampolines and a 20x20 ft foam pit which are perfect for practicing new aerial maneuvers before bringing them to snow.

The Concrete Jungle

Wy'East Mountain Academy students have unlimited access to best skate terrain in Oregon. The Concrete Jungle is 60,500 square feet of the most innovative landscape in the Pacific Northwest, designed by our own Skateboard Director, Jamie Weller. 

The Super Tramp/Dry-Slope Ramp

Wy'East Mountain Academy is home to two state-of-the-art MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampolines. The MaxAir Super Quad features a smooth, powerful bounce with plenty of room to focus on mechanics and development of new tricks, from basic rotations all the way to the most advanced.

Students, guest athletes, and professionals will have endless options to progress, practice, and train with this cutting-edge set up. Positioned strategically next to Wy'East Mountain Academy’s private 60’x 60’ BagJump™ with walls varying in height from four to eight feet, the MaxAir Super Quad will help grow air awareness for students looking to develop larger and off-axis rotations.

In addition to the super trampoline, Wy'East Mountain Academy also has a newly resurfaced dry-slope launch ramp allowing everyone the ability to “send it,” into the bag. This training feature allows skiers and snowboarders to learn and develop new skills safely on campus, before confidently taking the skills on-hill.


Healthy meals for our active and growing students are prepared and served in the campus cafeteria, daily. The Academy culinary staff cater to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or other dietary preferences or restrictions, upon request (please let us know in advance!). Made-to-order breakfast (breakfast burritos or pancakes, you choose) and a buffet-style dinner are prepared each day, and students pack their own sack lunches (to be eaten on hill or at the skate park) with provided ingredients before departing for the day. Our Director of Nutrition welcomes favorite recipes so we can provide a "taste of home" while students are away from their families during the school year—feel free to send them our way!

Students pose for a photo during one of our monthly formal "Family Dinners."

Students pose for a photo during one of our monthly formal "Family Dinners."


Our newly renovated cabins are our students' homes while at the Academy, and we want them to be a restful, comfortable space. Cabins are separated by gender and are fully furnished with twin bunks, a kitchenette, a storage room, closets, a full bathroom, and a living area with couches. Students will share a room with no more than one other student in either a two or three bedroom unit. 

Health and Fitness

Our campus is currently undergoing an exciting renovation including an upgrade to our on-campus fitness facility. This will include a fleet of stationary bikes, a climbing rope, trampoline beds, weights, and more. Our coaches utilize this off-hill training to prepare our students for the long season, create endurance, and build up muscle strength to aid in injury prevention. 

Industry Outreach Program

Academy students touring the Skullcandy office in Park City, Utah.

Academy students touring the Skullcandy office in Park City, Utah.

The industry outreach program of Wy’East Mountain Academy is to prepare our students any future endeavors they may chase. We aren’t here solely to produce top of the line athletes.  We are here to produce top of the line, well rounded human beings. The industry outreach program was developed to achieve this. A big part of being an action sports athlete is understanding the industry they dedicated their lives too. The academy helps students discover this by connecting them with passionate and influential companies and individuals. It’s often about “who you know” as well as being in the right place at the right time that provides a leading edge for success.


● Inspire new passions

● Connect our kids with influential companies and individuals

● Open their eyes to career paths and opportunities

● Inspire our kids to create a legacy outside of their athletic talents

● Create well rounded, thought provoking human beings

● Prepare them for the future

● Have a clear vision of how their respective industries operate

Some of the companies we may visit during the school year:

Students on a tour of the 4FRNT skis "White Room" factory, with athlete Thayne Rich.

Students on a tour of the 4FRNT skis "White Room" factory, with athlete Thayne Rich.

Activity Adventures

With Wy'East Mountain Academy being located just outside of Portland, Oregon, students have the opportunity to experience what the metropolitan has to offer.  Weekend activities include NBA Blazer’s games, NHL Minor League Winterhawk’s games, or MLS Timber’s games, visits to Voodoo doughnuts, holiday haunted house excursions, visits to OMSI, concerts with additional permission, trips to the mall or movies, bowling, laser tag, sky high trampoline sessions, indoor rock climbing at Portland Rock gym, and much more.  Other activities can include a rafting rip with Deschutes U boat, a visit to the Oregon coast, or an overnight stay in Seattle.